‚ÄčDead Freddie is the Chicago Punk Pop Phenomena

The current members of the band are Gintas Buinevicius on Drums, Guitar and Backing Vocals, Joe Wood on Guitar, Steve Foley on Bass Guitar and Donatas Ramanauskas on Lead Vocals and Accordion. The core of the group has been together since 2013.

Dead Freddie's original music is a blend of garage, punk, post-punk, power pop, ska and straight up rock.

The original line up, called Dead Freddie Band, formed in 1979 on the southwest side of Chicago.  The group played mainly original material, but was certainly influenced by the new Punk movement, namely, the Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Ramones as well as by proto-punk artists such as Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, glam rock performers like the New York Dolls, David Bowie and Mott The Hoople plus some classic rock by The Who, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Bruce Springsteen.  Finally, the excellent Power Pop groups of Chicago and the Midwest, such as Cheap Trick, Off Broadway USA, Skafish and Pezband, were also strong influences of the early Dead Freddie sound.  The original group disbanded in 1982.

Donatas Ramanauskas remains from the original 1979 line up.  Gintas Buinevicius has previously played in various bands since the 1980's including Steak, Up, The Sloping of Water, The Ralleys and The Repeats.  He writes and performs solo material as Friends of the Moth and The Saddleman, as well as the Premier Beatles Polka Group, Sgt. Sauerkraut.  Gintas has also worked on various musical side projects with Joe Wood, who also creates music with the group Discoveries of the American Scientific.  Steve Foley has been playing bass guitar intermittently since the 1980's with various loose knit groups.

The autumn of 2013 brought together Donatas and Gintas, the core of the current line up, with Steve joining in 2016 and Joe in early 2017, creating Chicago's Pop-Punk Phenomena, splicing together all the inspirational genres into the Dead Freddie "Vibe".

The first release by the group in November 2016 was a 6-track EP titled "If I Knew What I Wanted".  It contains classic tracks from the original 1979 material, plus three new original tracks by the current group.  It was recorded in Chicago at Bricktop Studio by sound engineer/producer Pete Grossmann and mastered by Trevor Sadler of Mastermind Productions.

The band's first full-length LP, self-titled "Dead Freddie", was released in November 2018.  It was recorded at Sonic Palace in Oak Park, IL by sound engineer/producer Matt Mercado and mastered by Trevor Sadler of Mastermind Productions, and pressed at the prestigious, THIRD MAN PRESSING , Detroit Michigan!