May 2018 Newsletter

 Dead Freddie completes recording of first full-length LP!

Gintas & Donatas made final tweaks to tracks that will be on the Dead Freddie LP when they visited Sonic Palace on May 24th. Thank you to owner/sound engineer/producer Matt Mercado for guiding us through the process and providing valuable input throughout. Dead Freddie e-mail subscribers will get the inside scoop on the latest news and details on WHEN vinyl will DROP, so tell your friends to get on our list NOW!!!

As part of our roll-out for the upcoming Dead Freddie LP, we are preparing short video clips about each of the twelve songs. We visited some spots on the SW side of Chicago where Dead Freddie began, including the gangway that led to the back door that led to the basement where Dead Freddie Band rehearsed in the late '70's and early 80's. Be on the look-out for those mini-docs!

It will be a busy summer for Dead Freddie, mostly preparing for the LP release. Mastering will begin momentarily, followed by album art and vinyl pressing. Looking forward to doing a few radio spots as well, so stay tuned!

Please check out our frequent posts on Instagram as well as on Facebook!

Please write to us and let us know what YOU will be doing this summer!


2019 March Newsletter

Two Great Shows For Dead Freddie in March

Dead Freddie made their venue debut at the Elbo Room in Chicago on Sunday March 10, 2019. A great place, with stages upstairs and down below, with excellent sound and lighting (Thanks to Brennan Mitrelka!) This was a showcase event with eight (!) acts. Dead Freddie had the sweet spot, playing third, when the crowd was at it's peak. Although we were down a trumpet, our trombonist Sam Steagerman made up for both horns with a vengeance! We had a great time hanging out with our die-hard supporters that feared not venturing into the city on a Sunday night, as well as meeting and chatting with members of the other bands. Neurotix totally tore it up as the closing act, literally smashing guitars and busting a cymbal. Nirvana meets the Who... 
Special thanks to Joe Nagle and Ruta Spencer for snapping some great photos and Rasa Ramanauskas for pushing the merch!

Elbo Room Chicago 
Julian Kerins 
Jean Atomic 
Nagle Photography 
Dystopian Echo 
Graham the Empire

Dead Freddie Acoustic Duo at Arcada Battle of the Bands

Donatas Ramanauskas and Gintas Buinevicius threw their hat into the Battle of the Bands at Club Arcada Speak Easy and Showroom on Tuesday March 26, 2019. The space is reminiscent of a 1920's bar with flapper girls plying cocktails to the patrons therein. The event is sponsored by Arcada Theatre and 1126 Entertainment. All genres of bands and solo artists are welcome. On this night, five bands and three solo artists gave their best: Vinyl Goods, Voodoo Children, Dead Freddie, John Finn, No Clear Way, Gala (solo), Bobby Midnight (solo) and Keith Robb (solo). Everyone performed brilliantly and I'm sure the judges had a difficult time assigning three acts to move on to the final round on April 17th downstairs in the main Arcada Theatre. Alas, even the accordion/guitar renditions of Mary's Waiting, Save Me From Myself and the Lithuanian favorite "Kaip Grazu Miske" (It's So Beautiful in the Forest) made the evening nothing more than a fun event. Super thanks to all the supporters that came, sang along, laughed (in Lithuanian) cheered and clapped, including "day job" work mates form INX International, our faithful omnipresent publicist Radio Ruta Spencer and super-fan Karan Schadenecker Payne. Maybe next time we bring the full fury of the full band??? 


Vol. 1

2016 Great Year for Punk-Pop Phenomena!

Hey Everybody!

Welcome to the first Dead Freddie Newsletter!

Thanks to all our families, friends and fans that came out to our shows and supported us in the social media. If not for you, we'd still just be playing in the basement...

The biggest news of the year for Dead Freddie is the release of their debut EP titled "If I Knew What I Wanted". Six songs of pure Punk-Pop essence. (See the end of the Newsletter for details on how to get yours!)

In addition to recording, Dead Freddie was also selected to perform at the American Music Festival at FitzGerald's in Berwyn, IL on July 1st. What an honor and thrill it was to hear, see and rub shoulders with the many notable musicians that perform there every year. Of course, we played a not-too-shabby set as well!

Another big accomplishment of ours was the big win at the Battle of the Bands organized by great local promoter Bob Cozza, at Danny's on Douglas in Elgin, IL on March 2016. Of 10 bands entered, Dead Freddie played first-an impossible position to win such a contest, with so many bands continually raising the bar, and we won nonetheless. The cash prize helped finance our recording time in June 2016 at Bricktop Recording Studio in Chicago.

The band did their first "long-distance" show when they traveled to Cleveland, OH in August 2016 to perform at the prestigious Beachland Ballroom Tavern. We played a great set for a big crowd, along with two fine Cleveland bands: Prison Snitch and Tufted Puffins.

In addition to live shows throughout the year, the group also appeared on the radio three times: at WXAV FM88.3 in May with Radio Ruta Spencer, at WQUE AM1680 in July with the fabulous Flabby Hoffman and finally, in August at WJCU 88.7 with Marius Juodisius, in Cleveland, the home of the Rock'nRoll Hall of Fame (which we visited while in town!). And now, with an EP in hand, we are looking forward to many more appearances on radio and maybe even TV!

While we are still re-vamping our website, no online sales! If you want an EP: send $15+$5.95 shipping, check payable to Dead Freddie USA, LLC; for CD: send $5+$3.95 shipping to Dead Freddie USA, LLC, 1507 Meadows Rd., Geneva, IL 60134. And YES-that is translucent blue vinyl!!!

©2019 Dead Freddie | 1507 Meadows Rd., Geneva, IL 60134

 2019 February Newsletter

Two Great Shows For Dead Freddie in February!

 Dead Freddie Venue Debut at Wire, Berwyn, IL

Dead Freddie headlined the Happy February 2019 show on the first night of the month, organized by Joe Wood. Wire, in beautiful Berwyn, IL, is a beautiful venue for live music and we greatly enjoyed playing there. In support of Dead Freddie were: The Thin Cherries, Discoveries of the American Scientific (including Dead Freddie's guitarist Joe Wood), Umbra and the Volcan Siege. It was a slushy, sloppy, snowy night and still the hearty followers of all these bands came out to support local live music. Also thanks to Jonas Grigola for handling MC responsibilities, and Radio Ruta Spencer for managing the merch. It was great to see our LP producer Matt Mercado in the house and a big shout out and Thank You to Joe and Tomo Nagle. They printed photos of all the bands in advance and put them on display at the venue, free to anyone who wanted them. 
The Thin Cherries 
Discoveries of the American Scientific 
Umbra and the Volcan Siege 
Nagle Photography

December 2019 Dead Freddie Newsletter

Happy Holidays, Fred Heads

"Let's Hope There's No Blizzard Holiday Event"

Dead Freddie Returned to the Cairo Ale House on December 13, 2019 and, thankfully, there was no blizzard, unlike previous dates in December 2016 and April 2019 (yes-we had a snowy, slushy mess on April 14th).  This was an early show, to make it easy for everyone to come straight from work to lend an "office party" atmosphere to the proceedings.  The line-up that came together was eclectic and of diverse genres, and yet, everything clicked.  THM NME, Wiresky, Dead Freddie and Bill Nelson & The Warning Signs comprised a bill of entertainment for what turned out to be a warm, supportive musical event for all involved. 

THM NME  After cancelling then uncancelling on the day of the show, Vessy Mink of THM NME took to the stage as a solo act. Shortly after her first song she remarked ""I wish I had a drummer", when Dead Freddie and Wiresky drummer Gintas Buinevicius obliged her wish, not knowing exactly what he was in for, and didn't miss a beat.  During the next song the request for a bassist went out and Dennis O'Dowd of Wiresky heeded the call with his masterly four-string skills.  Finally into the third or fourth song, Bill Nelson hopped up on the stage and picked up a guitar to fill out a full-fledged four-piece line-up.  Very fun to watch Vessy in action, when for her finale she made up a song on the spot based on audience suggestions.  Such a strong and brave performer is one Vessy Mink!

Wiresky.  The line-up for Wiresky consisted of Barb Dahl Olson on lead vocals, Mike Croschere on rhythm guitar, Sean Behen on lead guitar, Dennis O'Dowd on bass guitar and Gintas Buinevicius on drums.  Having seen Wiresky perform on numerous occasions over the last few years, I observed and heard a band that's truly honed their craft with excellent musicianship and excellent stories behind the songs, channeling the 60's and 70's rock'n'roll vibe in their all-original set.  Rock on!

Dead Freddie.  Gintas Buinevicius (drums & vocals), Steve Foley bass), Joe Wood (guitar) and Donatas Ramanauskas (accordion and vocals) ripped through their eleven song set of all-original DF material, receiving a warm reception and even some dancers!  We had great fun interacting with all the other bands and music lovers.

Bill Nelson & The Waring Signs.  Bill Nelson (acoustic guitar, vocals), Billy D. Williams (steel guitar), Timmy "The Kid" Stephenson (bass guitar), Jacob "Moose" Schultz (drums) and Bert "King Bee" Swiderski (harmonica) was the line-up.  Everyone loved the fantastic honky-tonk/country/blues/rock melange that they cooked up for their performance.  A great way to close out the four-band show!

Thanks so much to Tony and Andrew Massih for letting us put this show together and sound engineer Andrew Gallagher for making all the bands sound SOOOO good!

Dead Freddie Drummer plays with Sgt. Sauerkraut's Polka Band

Dead Freddie drummer Gintas Buinevicius once again joined up with Sgt. Sauerkraut's Polka Band on December 20, 2019 at FitzGerald's Sidebar as part of the sixth annual Christmas With The Beatles Fundraiser and Glove Drive.  In addition to the wacky and entertaining polka-sized versions of Beatles tunes, the line-up also included The Newbees (Cinncinatti, OH) and a DJ set by WXAV's Radio Ruta Spencer.  The event sold out and was a tremendous success!

Dead Freddie Newsletter for January 2018

Well, Dear Fred Heads,

 You have survived the cruelest month of January, with the cold, the snow, the darkness.  What better time to be indoors, like in a recording studio?

Dead Freddie scheduled not one, but two recording sessions at Sonic Palace, in Oak Park, IL.

January 6th

This session was on a Saturday, and it was a long one.  Studio owner, sound engineer and producer par excellence Matt Mercado of Mind Bomb fame, worked us hard and we returned the favor with a 10-hour tour of duty.  We worked through scratch tracks for six songs, followed by bass guitar tracks for the first quartet of tunes: “She Won’t Play House”, “Pocket Judy Crash Course”, “Mary Left”, and “Stage Brain”, leaving “Cartoon Woman” and “Princess Pilot” for our next session.  Gintas laid down some guitar tracks, followed by vocals sung by Donatas.  With bourbon and his significant other beckoning, Matt pieced together some rough tracks and sent us out into the cold, winter’s night.  Some very solid work indeed…

 January 24th

Our first taste of a mid-week session, falling on a Wednesday night.  After zeroing in a great sound for the Bass, Steve Foley got his tracks down in short order-like a real pro- for “Cartoon Woman” and “Princess Pilot”.  Gintas did guitar tracks, also for “Cartoon Woman” and “Princess Pilot”.  A bit weary, but excited to be there, Joe Wood composed some crazy rockabilly/metal riffs for “Stage Brain”, with some hands-on suggestions from Matt.  What came out of it two hours later will be a masterpiece in history of Dead Freddie.  To wrap up the session, Donatas completed vocal tracks for “Cartoon Woman” and “Princess Pilot”

 Our next session is planned for February 24th.  There are still numerous backing vocals, accordion and second guitar parts to be done, so we anticipate another full day at the Palace.

Certainly, we are constantly in communication with other bands and venues, lining up our next appearances, so please continue to follow our calendar on our website as well as on Facebook (, YouTube (yes, we now have our own channel at PLEASE VISIT AND SUBSCRIBE, Twitter ( and Bandcamp ( where you can acquire our EP, CD and digital download of our first 6-song release “If I Knew What I Wanted” as well as some miscellaneous merchandise-so GET SOME!

2018 September Newsletter

September Fun with Dead Freddie and Friends

 Gintas and Joe were involved in a couple musical side projects in September. Now, dockets are cleared for more Dead Freddie!

Gintas performed with Sgt. Sauerkraut's Polk Band at Milwaukee Polka Riot on September 8th. Punk Polk at it's best, and may turn into opportunity for Dead Freddie as well! 
We now have friends north of the prepare for a Dead Freddie road trip!

Joe Wood and his musical project Discoveries of the American Scientific performed at the Lowland Bloc party, part of the All Senses festival in the Quad Cities on Sept. 30th. Waiting for the glowing reviews to start pouring in!

 Gintas Buinevicius and Ed Saulis performed as Friends of the Moth at the Beverly Arts Walk Sept. 29th. The dueling guitars and beautiful harmonies are always a pleasure to hear and behold.

Dead Freddie at Riot Fest Chicago (only to watch…)

 Riot Fest Chicago 2018. Donatas, Gintas, and Regina (Dead Freddie Utility Guitarist and Bass Player) were joined by Dead Freddie Publicist and WXAV Radio Personality "Radio Ruta" Spencer at the music festival that has punk, pop-punk, hard rock, metal and more. Great stuff by Blondie, Beck, Weezer, Elvis Costello, Johnny Marr, Twin Peaks, Matt & Kim, Alkaline Trio, Taking Back Sunday-the list goes on and on...

 Dead Freddie venue debut at Independence Tap Chicago

 Last, but not least, Dead Freddie made their long-awaited return to the stage at Independence Tap in Chicago on Sept 21. Met up with organizer Flabby Hoffman and also made a few more in the audience into Dead Freddie believers. With Dead Freddie were Boats and Entropy-both bands played excellent sets of (mostly) original music. 'Twas a great night. Special thanks to Radio Ruta Spencer and Ausra Rowell for the eternal support!

 Dead Freddie Vinyl LP at Third Man Pressing-Detroit!

 Recording and Mixing-done (at Sonic Palace, Oak Park, IL). Mastering-done (by Trevor Sadler at Mastermind Productions). Photos-complete (by Stormy Photography and Nagle Photography). Album Jacket and Sleeve Artwork-beautiful (by Gintas Buinevicius). Test pressing from Third Man Pressing-received! (Sounds GREAT!!!). Jacket and Sleeve Printing-in progress at Stoughton Printing (they do ALL the printing for Jack White's (of White Stripes fame) Third Man Records). A few short weeks until the vinyl is dropped (I know-we said that LAST month)! Stay tuned for record release event

SAVE THE DATE: NOV. 17, 2018 

2018 July/August Newsletter


It has been a busy summer for individual members of Dead Freddie. Donatas spent nine weekends and two weeks at Camp Rakas as part of a larger community service project to prepare the camp, then maintain it during the Tenth International Lithuanian Scout Jamboree, near Custer, MI

 Gintas performed with Sgt. Sauerkraut's Polka Band (a Beatles-Polka mash-up!) at Pierogi Fest in Whiting, IN as well as at Fest for Beatles at the Hyatt Regency Rosemont Hotel, getting back to his Beatles-loving roots and kindred spirits.

 Joe Wood put the finishing touches on music he wrote and performed with his musical project known as Discoveries of the American Scientific, as well as record a music video with the group (with smoke machine operator Gintas Buinevicius) at Reggie's in Chicago. Dead Freddie and D.O.T.A.S. are looking forward to another collaborative performance in late autumn

 Dead Freddie Vinyl LP at Third Man Pressing-Detroit!

 Recording and Mixing-done (at Sonic Palace, Oak Park, IL). Mastering-done (by Trevor Sadler at Mastermind Productions). Photos-complete (by Stormy Photography and Nagle Photography). Album Jacket and Sleeve Artwork-beautiful (by Gintas Buinevicius). Test pressing from Third Man Pressing-received! (Sounds GREAT!!!). Jacket and Sleeve Printing-in progress at Stoughton Printing (they do ALL the printing for Jack White's (of White Stripes fame) Third Man Records). A few short weeks until the vinyl is dropped! Stay tuned for record release event details...

2018 October Newsletter

"Rock-tober" with Dead Freddie and friends

 Gintas and Donatas made a visit to FitzGerald's in Beautiful Berwyn on Oct. 2. As always, heads turned as we walked in, looking fine our black suits and white shirts. And, as seems typical, we were once again #14 on the sign-up list. In spite of an accordion malfunction, we performed a couple of our favorite Dead Freddie originals. Looking forward to returning on Jan. 22, 2019, where Dead Freddie will be the featured band to start out the Open Mic event in the club for a 30-minute set. Hitting the big time? Perhaps other gigs will follow?

 Dead Freddie returns to WXAV

Gintas, Donatas and Joe "Is This The Bus Stop" Wood traveled to WXAV studios in Chicago to participate in College Radio Day 2018 programming. We were with Alternative Sounds for Your Head on-air personality Radio Ruta Spencer. We did a live world-premier of a new song titled "New Injection" plus also gave WXAV the world premiere first spin of "When I'm Bound", from our upcoming LP release. Gintas met his young doppelganger, Anthony Lopez, WXAV Music Director.

 Dead Freddie Vinyl LP at Third Man Records-Cass Corridor Detroit!

The intrepid trio-Gintas, Donatas and Dead Freddie Publicist "Radio" Ruta-traveled to Detroit Oct. 26-28 to pick up our Vinyl LP, the self-titled "Dead Freddie" and to scope out record stores where the LP may be sold as well as some venues that might host Dead Freddie for future performances in "The D". Eddie Gillis (brother of Jack (Gillis) White?) himself loaded up our shipment at Third Man Records in Detroit's Cass Corridor, which is way less "sketch" than it once was. Dropped vinyl at UHF Records in Royal Oak and at Underground Vinyl in the basement of PJ's Lager House-a venerated rock venue near Downtown Detroit. 
Stay tuned for a separate newsletter focusing on the Detroit escapades! 

 Record Release Event!!!

With new Vinyl LP now in hand, we look forward with great anticipation to our record release event at a venue that is always welcoming of Dead Freddie. LP, CD and new Dead Freddie merchandise will be available for this very special event. To all newsletter readers: reach out to all your music-loving friends and have them join you! 
A special free gift to first 20 paid admissions. Code words: "Free Thing"

Date: Nov. 17, 2018 
Time: Doors 8 PM, Dead Freddie at 9 PM 
Cover: $5 
Admission: 21 and Older 
Venue: Cigars & Stripes 

6715 Ogden Ave. 
Berwyn, IL 60402

October 2019 Dead Freddie Newsletter (slightly belated)

Hello, Fred Heads!

What a beautiful autumn we’ve been having, right up until the Halloween Blizzard of 2019!!

A Rehearsal Becomes a Meeting Becomes an Impromptu Open Mic Appearance at The Outtaspace

The rehearsal planned for October 17th washed out, so it became a meeting to discuss band business and events.  Business concluded, it was still early, so Gintas and Donatas took a ride to The Outtaspace in Berwyn to check in with Aaron Mitchell about our upcoming event with Dirty Green at his venue on Dec. 27th.  We completely forgot that Thursdays are open mic, arriving without musical instruments.  It was just about the end of the night, so Gintas was able to borrow a guitar and I simply vocalized, clapped and sang our two originals, “Mary’s Waiting” and “Save Me From Myself”.  Crazy, spontaneous fun time!

Dead Freddie Headlines DZ Records “An Intimate Hallows Eve”

A deluge worthy of Noah roared in to the Chicago area the morning of October 26th.  Nonetheless, intrepid bands and music lovers converged on DZ Records in Hickory Hills on that stormy night.  The conditions outside did nothing to dampen the mood indoors.  Ben Arguilles not only runs DZ Records out of his basement, he also opens his living quarters to guests coming to see the bands.  With room to move around, lounge and tipple a beverage upstairs between sets, everyone is then ready to head back down and pack in close to the band that is performing live.  The first band up was Daydream Review, a bit of shoe-gaze blended with some more upbeat material.  Next was Shi La Rosa.  Rachel Colonna, the lead vocalist, is destined to be a pop star with her beautiful voice and stage presence.  They did a very cool, slow-jazz version of “Monster Mash” to start their set and it only improved from there.  The third band, Pledge Drive, was an all-women punk rock outfit, channeling Blondie, Patty Smith and The Pretenders.  Of note was their diminutive lead guitarist Kelsey, who perched on top of her amplifier the entire duration of their set.  A Dead Freddie/Pledge Drive bill in the future is a certainty.  Finally, Dead Freddie appeared in various costumes:  Steve as a photographer, Donatas as a mad scientist, Gintas as Batman and Joe donning a full-on astronaut suit, including helmet.  Somehow, we all managed to avoid heat stress (due to the 100% humidity and warm conditions fueled by the weather and a basement packed with warm bodies) and play a great set.  Ben’s video crew even video-recorded our rendition of “Active Partition” Here is a link to that video (Thanks Ben & Crew!)

Dead Freddie Headlines Freaktoberfest #10 at Cigars & Stripes!

Just as we experienced a serious rain event the day of the DZ Records show, the day before Freaktoberfest brought a heavy, wet blanket of snow, rendering asunder the circus tent set up in the parking lot of Cigars & Stripes in Berwyn.  The tent was to be the main site of Freaktoberfest #10, but due to the extensive tent damage, the entire event was condensed and moved indoors.  Fortunately, by the time the doors opened for the event, the snow had stopped falling and thankfully, the Cigars faithful rolled in.  The event started with illusionist Ron Fitzgerald and his lovey assistant Miss India performing some mind-boggling and dangerous looking illusions, including swallowing a half-dozen razor blades, then retrieving them from his throat with a long piece of floss-how DOES he do that?  It’s magic, of course.  Once the tiny stage was cleared, Dead Freddie wedged themselves into the tight space and ripped through a one-hour set.  Once again, costumes were donned: Steve as a cool jazz bassist, Donatas as an over-aged “emo” kid (white face and “guy-liner” part of the look) and Joe reprising his astronaut outfit a second time, but this time, his pants under the suit did not slide down.  In spite of all of Ronnie Lotzz’s stress, he pulled off yet another great Halloween event, hopefully not his last, in spite of his threats-no time to quit now Ronnie! Thanks again for choosing Dead Freddie and being such a strong supporter of our band!

September 2019 Dead Freddie Newsletter

Hello, Fred Heads!

It was a great summer!

Dead Freddie goes to Riot Fest!

The 15th Annual Riot Fest in Chicago happened Sept. 13 -15th and Gintas, Donatas, Sam and publicist Radio Ruta Spencer were on the scene.  With excellent weather conditions 99% of the time, it was a great opportunity to soak in so much great music that encompasses Punk and everything that splinters from it.  Friday’s program included (amongst many others) Violent Femmes (and the gigantic saxophone), Flaming Lips and Blink 182.  Saturday’s highlights included ska legends The Selecter, The Struts and (personal favorite of Joe Wood) Slayer.  Sunday was particularly stacked with Nick Lowe, The Village People (with the combination mosh pit/conga line), Guided by Voices, The B-52s (final Chicago show forever(?)), Patti Smith and The Raconteurs (with Jack White of White Stripes fame).  Gintas says it so well when he states that Riot Fest becomes a true music community, not nearly as crazy as Lollapalooza.  Maybe 2020 will be the year Dead Freddie gets on stage???

Dead Freddie Drummer Plays at Milwaukee Polka Riot

Dead Freddie Drummer Gintas Buinevičius traveled to Milwaukee wit Sgt. Sauerkraut’s Polka Band to participate in the 3rd Annual Milwaukee Polka Riot.  The ‘kraut’s brought their “Beatles Meet Polka” zaniness to the Polka Riot stage along with six other bands that intersect at the Polka and Punk genre nexus.  Memorable highlights include (in addition to Sgt. SK) Apolkalypse Wow! (and their instant classic “Chicken Pot Pie”), Preomnor (think heavy metal accordion & drums doing Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath) and The Polkaholics featuring John Hedecker (of Algebra Suicide fame). Post Polka the Sgt SK entourage ended the night at Koz’s Mini-bowl with 10 frames of bowling with a human pinsetter.  Only in Milwaukee.  Maybe 2020 will be the year Dead Freddie does the Punk Polka in Milwaukee???

Dead Freddie Returns to Chicago Lithuanian Center!

After a hiatus dating back to 1981, elements of Dead Freddie returned to the epicenter of Chicago’s Lithuanian community, the Chicago Lithuanian Center (A.K.A. Lithuanian Youth Center, A.K.A. Jaunimo Centras, A.K.A. “J.C’s”) on September 28th.  The Center invited the Dead Freddie Duo (Donatas & Gintas) as well as DJ Radio Rūta Spencer to be part of the rededication celebration of the improvements to the facility.  Thank You to Antanas and Rita Rašymas for the opportunity.  DJ Rūta warmed up the crowd and then the duo played a scorching acoustic set that included a popular Lithuanian tune “Kaip Gražu Miške” (How Beautiful is the Forest).  DJ Rūta kept things going afterwards, giving everyone a chance to catch up with old friends and make some new acquaintances as well.  Maybe 2020 will be the year we return to the BIG STAGE at J.C’s???

Dead Freddie June 2019 Newsletter

Dead Freddie Auditions for “Chicago Suburbs Got Talent”

June 5, 2019, Arcada Theatre, St. Charles, IL.  Chicago’s Punk Pop Phenomena Dead Freddie performed “She Won’t Play House” for the distinguished judges’ panel, including venue owner Ron Onesti as contestants in the “Chicago Suburbs Got Talent” competition.  Ron was very entertained by the tune as well as the pink suit coats that we donned for this special event sponsored by The Daily Herald.  While slightly less than the 15 minutes of fame assigned by Andy Warhol, it was ultimately cool to play on the big stage where so many great acts preceded us!

Dead Freddie Returns to “The Wizard”

On June 6, 2019, the night following the excitement of the Arcada Theatre performance, Dead Freddie Acoustic Duo Gintas Buinevicius and Donatas Ramanauskas returned to the studios of WZRD FM 88.3, “The Wizard” to play a few tunes and catch up with on-air radio personalities Alejandro Aguilar and Rick Martin.  The interview question that caught us a bit off-guard: “Who is your favorite “Dead Freddie? Freddie Prinze? Freddie Mercury? Fred Flintstone?”  Thanks to Radio Ruta Spencer for joining us, shooting photos and handling the video taping.

Dead Freddie featured in “Secret History of Chicago Music”

While at the CHIRP Record Fair on May 4th, intrepid Dead Freddie Publicist  Radio Ruta Spencer met with author/artist Steve Krakow, who twice monthly writes a short article and prepares a pencil sketch of “pivotal Chicago musicians that somehow have not gotten their just dues”, convincing Steve that the Dead Freddie story was one that needed to be told.  His work has been featured for decades in The Chicago Reader”, the weekly newspaper covering many alternative (to mainstream media) topics as well as a great calendar and reviews of local music events.  He did a wonderful job condensing a massive amount of background information to just over three hundred words, spanning the earliest origins of the band to the present.  The story hit the newsstands on June 20 and, as a bonus, Steve also sang the praises of Dead Freddie on WGN AM720 Radio on Saturday June 22 on Mike Stephen’s show “Outside The Loop”.  The played three DF songs and talked about the history of the band and it’s current activities.  Pretty cool!

Dead Freddie at Villa Park Punk Night

After making the acquaintance of the members of Chicago-area Punk band “Solution Unsatisfactory” at Cairo Ale House in April 2019, we were invited to be part of Villa Park Punk Night XXVII on June 29, 2019 at O’Neill’s Pub in St. Charles, IL. (Note: the earlier editions of this ongoing event originated at the VFW hall in Villa Park.).  We were loaded in and ready to go by 9PM, our designated start time, when we were informed that there had been a problem getting the PA delivered to O’Neill’s.  Dead Freddie decided to start their set, sans PA at ~10:45PM.  In retrospect, starting our set without vocal amplification was indeed a very punk thing to do.  The PA finally arrived just in time for our last two songs, so we could identify our band members and for our finale “If I Knew What I Wanted”.  After Dead Freddie, four more bands performed: Shanghai Theatre (all the way from Nashville, TN), 40 oz. Sidekicks, Rhetoric Vendetta and Solution Unsatisfactory, who ended their set just after 2AM!  A very Punk Night indeed!!

April 2018 Newsletter

Dead Freddie back at Sonic Palace Studio

Gintas, Donatas and occasionally Joe were back at Sonic Palace Studio April 2nd and 17th, continuing to work with owner/sound engineer/producer Matt Mercado (of Daisy Chain and Mind Bomb fame) to complete mixing of the first full-length Dead Freddie LP (as yet untitled). We are 99% done, maybe needs just a tweak or two, then on to mastering. Dead Freddie e-mail subscribers will get the inside scoop on the latest news and details on WHEN vinyl will DROP, so tell your friends to get on our list NOW!!!

Dead Freddie at Stormy Photography

On April 15, 2018 Dead Freddie made the trek to Stormy Photography in historic downtown Lemont, IL for an extensive photo shoot with photographers Audrius Remeikis and Ed Leipus. It was a first-time experience for the band to be photographed for publicity and publications, including cover art for our upcoming LP. Tons of great shots and lots of fun. It will be tough picking out the best-of-the best...

Dead Freddie at Nagle Photography

On April 22, 2018 the band met at the photo studio of Joe Nagle, who just happens to be a lifelong friend of Dead Freddie member Gintas Buinevicius AND a world-class photographer. On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we headed outdoors to Bridgeport, Chinatown and Bronzeville to take a wide variety of location shots. To be used for publicity, publications and LP cover art. Thanks Joe!

Dead Freddie at WXAV

Radio Ruta Spencer once again kindly invited members of Dead Freddie to appear on her radio show "Alternative Sounds For Your Head" on WXAV FM88.3. On April 25, 2018 Gintas Buinevicius and Donatas Ramanauskas were live and on the air playing acoustically, with guitar and accordion, selections from Dead Freddie's EP "If I Knew What I Wanted" as well as from the yet-to-be-named LP. We had an opportunity to talk more about our summer plans and final steps to the release of the LP amongst other topics. 
Thanks again, Ruta, for having us on your show!

Dead Freddie at EvenFlow

We had a great turn out at EvenFlow on April 27, 2018. Regina Ramanauskas, performing as "kicked by a Hand" started the show with Kesha covers, mash-ups and some of her wonderful originals too. Dead Freddie followed in the middle of the line-up playing selections from our EP "If I Knew What I Wanted", but mostly material form their soon-to-be-completed, as-of-yet-unnamed LP. 
As always, North of Center rounded out the evening's entertainment with there great mix of 60's, 70's and beyond covers plus just a few of their originals (play more of them next time NoC!)

November 2019 Dead Freddie Newsletter 

Hello, Fred Heads!

Dead Freddie Returns to Villa Park Punk Night

Dead Freddie returned to O’Neill’s Pub in Lombard, IL for Villa Park Punk Night XXXIX (#39) on November 9, 2019.  This time organizer Kevin Williams was ahead of the game and had the PA in place well before the arrival of the bands (For those who missed the June 2019 Newsletter, Kevin was unavoidably detained with car problems on 6/29, leaving Dead Freddie without a PA for 9/10ths of their set, which did not deter us from proceeding).  VPPN #39 featured five bands:

Haunted Humanoids.  HH are a guitar, bass, drums power trio, thrashing out punk with shades of Green Day in their loud, fast and occasionally melodic tunes.

Dead Freddie. We played second in the line-up, playing eleven originals in our designated thirty minutes.  The energy in the room elevates us, as it does all the other bands.  We were without the services of our bass guitarist Steve Foley, so Joe wood pulled out a few extra tricks to fill the guitar and bass ranges with a single instrument and a couple of effects pedals.  Sounded pretty cool!  It was also very cool to have trombonist Sam Streagerman in the line-up for the first time in a LONG time. Thanks so much Max Cherry (who does vocals, guitar and keys in Twin Jones and a cohort of Joe Wood), Rose Steagerman and the ever-present publicist, Radio Ruta Spencer.

Broken.  Like Haunted Humanoids, Broken was also a Guitar/Bass/Drums combo.  They hail from West Lafayette, IN and declared that this was there first sojourn and show in the Land of Lincoln.  All are college students.  An ethnically-diverse group (Tommy Choi-Korean, Sean Gomez-Latino and Chris Centrella-Caucasian), they made it work and played some fast, loud originals with some great hooks.

Eve Black.  The group lost their female lead vocalist Rani a few months back, but it did not hold back Ryan (vocals), Tom (guitar) and Alex (Bass).  They incorporated a prerecorded drum track (Nicknamed “Roland”) instead of having a live drummer and it sounded just right. Very high grades for musicianship!

The Rip Ups.  The closers for the night were a two-piece that called themselves The Rip Ups. They succeeded in creating a wall of sound with nothing but drums (Sean Matthews, A.K.A. Sean Ana)  and guitar (Willy Dee), with a sound the call “garagebilly” (garage + rockabilly) they generally hang out on the northside, but were fearless in migrating west to the hub of all things punk in the western suburbs and played a reflect that attitude.

Dead Freddie Drummer Takes on Saddleman Persona!

Dead Freddie drummer Gintas Buinevicius put on his boots and ten-gallon chapeau for a performance a Saddleman, opening for Dirty Green at The Outtaspace in Berwyn, IL on November 16, 2019.  Rooted in old country and honky-tonk he put on a fantastic set of nearly all originals, accompanied by Sean Behen (who commiserates with Gintas in Wiresky) on electric guitar.  The combo was pure magic. One of the rare covers that received the Saddleman treatment was “Transmission” by Joy Division.  Personal favorite? “Blame it on the Bourbon”.  Matt Derda and the High Watts were the headliners. They've created a unique sound that “captures the essence of Johnny Cash's Nashville and the grit of rock acts like The Replacements”. 

January 2019 Newsletter

Hello, Fred Heads!
Dead Freddie closed out 2018 with a Bang!

Dead Freddie Shoots Two Videos at DZ Records

On January 20th, the Dead Freddie crew assembled on a cold Sunday afternoon at DZ Records in Hickory Hills, IL. Ben Arguelles and crew were very professional in their preparation and set-up. We cranked out "Cliché" and "Pocket Judy Crash Course" in no time at all!
We hung around after the video shoot to be part of the long-running podcast "Friends With Music" hosted by Matt Bauer to talk about topics ranging from where we individually had our first experience with music to recent band activities to what music are we listening to right now.
Thank You to Audrius Remeikis of Stormy Photography for coming out to shoot some pics and short video clips and to Dead Freddie Publicist and partner-in-crime Radio Ruta Spencer.

 Dead Freddie Gets Airplay on Local and Regional Radio!

Dead Freddie continues to receive regular airplay on WXAV's Alternative Sounds For Your Head as well as on WLUW's Razor & Die Show. Thank you for your continued support of our music! In addition, our college radio promotion, which started in November 2018, gave us spins on a number of other stations: Illinois Institute of Technology WIIT 88.9FM Chicago, Radio DePaul On-Line, Hartford, CT's Trinity College WRTC 89.3FM, Rockford, IL's The Eagle, 98.7FM, Chicagoland Rock on The Fox 103.9 FM (Thank You to Aldis Snow in "The Garage"), Seattle NPR KSER 90.7FM and many more.

 Dead Freddie performs at FitzGerald's Nightclub, Berwyn, IL

 The debut of horns at a Dead Freddie live performance happened on January 22nd at FitzGerald's Nightclub. We were invited by Open Mic Host Mark Bishop to be the featured artist for this once-a-month event on the big stage in "The Club". In addition to our core musicians Gintas, Joe, Steve and Donatas, we also added Sam Steagerman on trombone and Bobby Lark on trumpet. We filled our thirty minutes with some fantastic noise.

November 2018 Newsletter

 Hello, Fred Heads!
November 2018 was a HUGE month for Dead on...

 Dead Freddie Returns to WLUW's Razor & Die Radio Show

 On Nov. 9, members of Dead Freddie (Gintas, Joe and Donatas) along with publicist Radio Ruta Spencer returned to the studios of WLUW (Loyola College Radio) to perform and be interviewed by Razor & Die Radio Show host Di Kulka. We played a few songs acoustically from the LP, plus Di also played two tracks from the CD and we gifted her our beautiful Vinyl as well. We talked about making the album, how playing live is different than playing in the studio and future projects. Thanks again Di for having us on your show! And thank you Ruta for your unflagging support of the band!

 Dead Freddie Redux in Goldie's Garage!

Dead Freddie returned to Goldie's Garage on Friday, Nov. 16th. This is the radio program for unsigned bands run by Genya Ravan on Little Steven's Underground Garage on SiriusXM Satellite Radio. She played our lead track, "Cliché", from our new LP. Loved her comments, one of which was "love how the accordion is such an axe". We got a chuckle when she mangled the pronunciation of Donatas and Gintas, but kudos to Goldie for giving it a shot. Genya played "Mary's Waiting" on her program on 3/17/17 and said she was anxiously awaiting new stuff from Chicago's Punk Pop Phenomena-and we delivered. Maybe kick it up to regular programming...we shall see.
Thank You, Genya Ravan, Goldie's Garage and Little Steven's Underground Garage.

How I came to be at the Mott the Hoople 74 Concert

I very recently attended the Mott the Hoople 74 concert at the Chicago Theatre on April 3, 2019.  I had purchased the tickets the day they went on sale, fearful of the show being quickly sold out.  By the time I got online that day, many of the tickets had indeed been sold, even with hefty asking prices of $79 and more.  I was fortunate enough to secure two ducats on the main floor, far left side, row J.  I didn’t know who would want to go with me to the show, but I knew that I would at least gain admission into the venue.

It has been some time since I have felt compelled to go see a concert with such high ticket prices. While I did not even give a second thought at the time of purchase, I just recently did give some thought as to why I felt so compelled.

It begins decades ago, in the days of my late teen years and even earlier.  It was, as for so many of us, the best of times and the worst of times. With the threshold of puberty finally crossed, there was a greater interest to do more with others in my peer group, especially after discovering that girls weren’t all bad.   Coming from a strong ethnic upbringing, in this case Lithuanian, there had always been contact with girls as many in our Chicago south side community belonged to the Lithuanian Catholic parishes, attended school on Saturdays to become inculcated in all things Lithuanian, including language, literature, history, geography, folk dancing and singing.  There were also the Lithuanian Sports leagues, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and other organizations, all of which were populated by children of parents and grandparents that had immigrated under difficult conditions to the US after the Second World War.  With the belief that there would soon be an international intervention to free nations that were swallowed up by the Soviet empire, the elders did all they could to keep the culture and language alive until that day arrived.

While emancipation took longer than expected (finally occurring in 1991), the ethnic community flourished, not only in Chicago, but also in other cities across the US and Canada, where many had been attracted in search of jobs and a decent living.  Among them, in addition to Chicago, were Detroit, Cleveland, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and Montreal.  In each of these cities existed all or many of the cultural and social organizations.  

One of these organizations was the Lithuanian Cultural Federation “Ateitis” (literally: future). Members were called “Ateitininkai” (followers of the future).  The foundation started Camp Dainava (near Manchester, MI, named after an ancient hilltop fortress) in the mid-1950’s and each summer runs various youth-based sessions, all of which revolve around strengthening the Catholic faith while maintaining Lithuanian culture and language.  While that was the stated agenda, when the teen camp had it’s 2-week session, there were other things on the minds and loins of the participants. Camp Dainava was a melting pot of youth, as it drew participants from many cities around the US and Canada. Most notable among these were Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit, all geographically closest to the camp, all with relatively healthy memberships in the organization (although being a member of “Ateitis” was not a prerequisite for admission.).

During the middle weekend of the teen camp, the program directors always planned a youth dance. Teens pooled together their record albums; others brought stereo gear and speakers.  The youth of Cleveland were particularly savvy when it came to new music, being blessed with the radio station WMMS, at that time (and in retrospect) one of the most cutting-edge stations of the day, spinning a huge variety of music other, mostly shunning the Top 40 hits of the day.  The closest to this station that I know of is WXRT in Chicago, especially in its earliest days, when ratings mattered little but music quality and diversity mattered much.

And so it was that I was invited to crash the dance in 1974, along with three other friends who were not Ateitininkai either.  We drove out of Chicago on Friday afternoon and survived the crush of eastbound traffic headed for Indiana, Michigan and beyond.  We arrived at the camp just as the music was getting started.  The Cleveland contingent controlled the platters. Among them:  Changes One by David Bowie, The Hoople by Mott the Hoople, the Velvet Underground & Nico and Roxy Music.  We received an education in what was later referred to as “Glam Rock” that night.

This was the first time I heard Mott classics “Golden Age of Rock n Roll” and “Roll Away the Stone”, “Rebel, Rebel” and “Suffragette City” by Bowie.  It was a perfect storm of music, people and venue that created a life-long memory that has stayed with me to this very day.  I’m sure each of us has had that moment when the first notes or chords of a song just wash over you and make you FEEL.  

The hours following the dance were anticlimactic.  No hook-ups with the good Catholic girls were to be had.  Flaming shots of 151 rum left one of our group with second-degree blisters on his face.  Others suffered nearly as much drinking a very potent and super-sweet concoction of Hawaiian Punch powder dispersed in 151 rum.  Don’t remember where we slept as unregistered campers, just feeling groggy as we departed the next morning.  One of the Cleveland guys lent us a mix tape with much of the Glam Rock we had heard the night before.

So, it was many of these memories (the good, the bad and the ugly) that flooded my consciousness as I waited for Mott the Hoople to hit the stage on April 3, 2019.  It was their first tour of the US since 1974.  Chicago was the third of the only eight dates across the Midwest and east coast on this tour, which Ian Hunter intimated would be his last.  I feel lucky to have seen a musical icon of my youth.

One of the last comments that Ian Hunter uttered at the very end of the two-song encore was how he remembered his first show in Chicago, at the Aragon Ballroom in 1970, when Mott the Hoople opened for Ten Years After and B.B. King.  As it turns out, my significant other on our ride home recalled seeing B.B. King with some high school friends at the Aragon that year and did not even realize who the opening acts were!  She beat me to seeing Mott by four decades.  Funny how things work out…​

July 2019 Dead Freddie Newsletter

Hello, Fred Heads!
__Dead Freddie Celebrates Start of Summer at FitzGerald's”

July 2, 2019, FitzGerald's, Berwyn, IL. Dead Freddie Acoustic Duo Gintas Buinevicius and Donatas Ramanauskas returned to the "scene of the crime": on July 3, 2016. The Dead Freddie Acoustic Trio (with the aforementioned Gintas and Donatas and a certain Leonas Putrius) played their festival debut at the American Music Festival. What a great night to remember, but this night was to celebrate the arrival of the long-awaited hot & humid Chicago summer. Torrential downpours in the hours preceding the Sidebar Open Mic failed to keep the diehard musicians at home, although some of the less dedicated did, making for an earlier than normal appearance (we're usually #14 or last, whichever comes first). We even got to play three songs: "Active Partition", "Save Me From Myself" and our mini-encore, "Mary's Waiting". Thanks to DF Publicist for making the trip to support and snap a few photos. It was great to see Kate FitzGerald (co-owner) lurking in the shadows too. Thanks to Jack Swain for hosting and Isaac for his fine Old-Fashioned cocktails. We'll be back soon!

Dead Freddie featured in “Draugas News”

Hot on the heels of the appearance of Dead Freddie in the Chicago Reader column Secret History of Chicago music by Steve Krakow, including coverage on WGN AM720 radio, the band was also featured in a 2-page spread in Draugas News-Lithuanian Worldwide News in English. The article penned by Audrone (Audrey) Kizys, went into greater depth than the condensed Reader article, expounding more on the roots and origin of the group as well as what is happening now with the current line-up. Thanks again to DF publicist Radio Ruta Spencer for pushing the Reader article to Draugas news. The article appears in the June 2019 issue (Vol. 7 No. 6) and will be available online in the very near future. We encourage all to check it out.

Dead Freddie Guitarist Opens for Jesus Jones with Discoveries of the American Scientific

July 6, 2019, WIRE, Berwyn, IL
"Jesus Jones are a British alternative rock band from Bradford-on-Avon in Wiltshire, formed in late 1988, who recorded and performed from the late 1980s to the 2000s. Their track "Right Here, Right Now" was an international hit..." Wikipedia).

The well-connected Joe Wood, who fronts Discoveries of the American Scientific (a.k.a. D.O.T.A.S.) when not playing guitar for Dead Freddie, snagged this opportunity to open for Jesus Jones in a relatively small club setting. DOTAS had to pull in Steve Osterman, a local Chicago drumming legend to fill in for Dave Gallagher (away on tour) and he did a great job! Congratulations to Joe and the rest of the band for playing a great opening set!

February/March 2018 Newsletter

 Dead Freddie back at Sonic Palace Studio

Gintas, Donatas and Joe were back at Sonic Palace Studio March 12th and 17th, continuing to work with owner/sound engineer/producer Matt Mercado (of Daisy Chain and Mind Bomb fame) to complete recording and mixing of the first full-length Dead Freddie LP (as yet untitled), with excellent progress being made. Looking to do a few last tweaks, then complete mixing in April, followed by mastering of the tracks. Dead Freddie e-mail subscribers will get the inside scoop on the latest news and details on WHEN vinyl will DROP, so tell your friends to get on our list NOW!!!

 Dead Freddie at FitzGerald's Sidebar

Gintas and Donatas made it over to the Sidebar at FitzGerald's on March 20th. They opened with radio hit "Mary's Waiting" and also debuted a new bilingual (English-Lithuanian) song titled "Jeigu As Sakiau" (If I Told You). With a little work, it will be a real gem. Joe Wood also joined the fun, performing one of his Discoveries of the American Scientific titles, plus an interesting cover. Thank You Radio Ruta Spencer, our new Publicist for Dead Freddie, for joining in the frivolity that is Open Mic at FitzGerald's!

 Dead Freddie at Brauer House

 The BIG show for Dead Freddie was Thursday, March, 29, 2018 at Brauer House, Lombard, IL. While we have played the venue numerous time during Open Mic events, this was our first actual, full-length show at the high-profile club. 
Cat Man Dog opened, playing a tasty 45-minute set of original music with a few interesting covers in the mix, with their 3-piece ensemble: Stephan Jude-Violin, Ian Gill-Acoustic Guitar and Dave Zielinski-Cajon percussion.

They were followed by South Side Exiles doing what they do best: original old-school-style R&B/Rock. The players: Greg Nawrocki-Guitar & Vocal, Bob Raudys-Keyboard & Vocal, Eddie Grzyb-Drums, Nick Grzyb-Bass, Rick Cruz-Lead Guitar, Victor Sandri-Guitar-a real guitar wall-of-sound! 

Dead Freddie headlined the evening with a 21-song tour-de-force that covered a good deal of our catalog. With a crowd of 70-80 on hand, it was great to play to full room, considering it was a Thursday night.

We would like to thank everybody that came out to support all three bands! It is always great to see our super-fans at our shows, plus it's always fun to meet new followers too!

August 2019 Dead Freddie Newsletter

Hello, Fred Heads!

It’s been a great summer!

Dead Freddie meets the Amazing Heeby Jeebies!

August 8, 2019, Montrose Saloon, Chicago, IL.  After a hiatus dating back to November 2015,  Chicago Punk Pop Phenomena Dead Freddie had the pleasure of opening a night of great live music at Montrose Saloon, a venue that has become a “must-play” location for local and touring bands, including the likes of John Langford and Spies Who Surf amongst many others.  The great talent is drawn in by the driving force of Eric Chial, who over the last 1-2 years has created a place that offers up live music, mostly rock, almost every night of the week.  As long-time admirers of the AHJ and their “vintage rock n roll dripping with hipshakin’ glitter and grit”, Dead Freddie was excited to share the bill on a beautiful summer evening on the great Nort’west side.  Everyone is looking forward to more collaborations in the not-too-distant future.

Dead Freddie Drummer/Guitarist goes to Pierogi Fest!

July 27, 2019

In what has become a tradition for the Beatles-Polka tribute band Sgt. Sauerkraut, the jolly revelers made their way to the 2019 Pierogi Fest in Whiting, IN for three straight days. That’s a lot of pierogi and polka and beer! Dead Freddie musician and creative force Gintas Buinevicius wore a couple of hats, performing sometimes as drummer and other times as acoustic guitarist, because he’s good at both!  A great time was had by all and all are looking forward to returning in 2020.

Dead Freddie Drummer/Guitarist goes to Fest for Beatles Fans!

August 9, 2019

After the briefest of recoveries (following the Thursday night show with Dead Freddie opening for the Amazing Heeby Jeebies), Dead Freddie’s Gintas Buinevicius once again came to the aid of his friends in Sgt. Sauerkraut Polka Band at this ultimate Chicago local Beatles-themed event.  Ringleader Danny “Donuts” Raudonis and Gintas have been attending for the better part of 15 years straight, so they know a LOT of people that all love the Fab Four and their friends. Various configurations of the ‘krauts performed on each of the three days of the event.

Dead Freddie Drummer/Guitarist jumps in with Wiresky

August 23, 2019

Gintas has been a very, very busy boy this month! He joined up with his friends in Wiresky to play drums on a beautiful summer evening at the Filling Station in St. Charles, IL, on the outdoor stage. Barb Dahl Olson, Mike Croschere, Sean Behen and Dennis Dowd round out the line-up.

Dead Freddie May 2019 Newsletter

Fun Night at Miss Kitty's!

It had not been since September 2015 that Dead Freddie had made their way to the Miss Kitty Open Mic in Naperville, IL. Very much has the feel of a neighborhood bar, in part because all of the musicians that regularly turn up. So on May 1st, the Dead Freddie Acoustic Trio consisting of Gintas Buinevicius on acoustic guitar, Sam Stiegerman on trombone and Donatas Ramanauskas on accordion, ripped through a 5-song set, much to the amazement and enjoyment of those present. Had anyone ever seen a guitar-trombone-accordion combo? Probably not. Thanks go out to Radio Ruta Spencer for acting as photographer and Rose Stiegerman, who pulled a few people in with her. Had the pleasure of meeting Jack Bretall, formerly of Enuf Z'Nuff, plus many new musical friends.

8 May 2019 It's not always easy to take time out of our busy schedule for a lighter moment. Here we are in early May in Gintas's backyard. He's been working hard to whip it in to shape for the warm weather that is finally(?) coming!

15 May 2019 "Not Too Shabby Studios" (AKA Gintas's joint) is finally back upon and running. In between shows, we have been laying down some alternate tracks (acoustic, semi-acoustic) of some of our material previously released on our EP and LP. Stay tuned, and you just might hear them!

25 May 2019 Memorial Day Party. Gintas hosted his annual Memorial Day party and had many of his musical friends show up and even had a few jump up for an impromptu performance. We even got to play a couple Dead Freddie tunes. These masters picked right up and played along perfectly! Thanks for a hosting!

Also on 25 May 2019 : Joe Wood, Dead Freddie guitarist extraordinaire, rounded up his band Discoveries of the American Scientific for a show at Morose Saloon in Chicago. Also on the bill were Farewell Captain and headliners The Addisons. DOTAS played a strong set of their best stuff and had good sound. Cool joint. Dead Freddie played open mics here in 2015 and will be back in August to play a show with the Amazing Heeby Jeebies.

Dead Freddie April 2019 Newsletter

Hello, Fred Heads!
Great Show at Cairo Ale House!

The last time that Dead Freddie performed at Cairo Ale House in West Chicago, IL was December 2016, the night of the single biggest snowfall of the 2016-17 Winter season. Not THAT big of a surprise, just a bit of a pain driving to the show. However, a full-blown snowstorm on April 14, 2019-well, that was a little out of the ordinary-to say the least. However, Dead Freddie was not going to miss an opportunity to play with their Pop Punk heroes This Obsession, who were kicking off a mini Spring Break tour. Also appearing were CHX Collective and Solution Unsatisfactory, both stalwarts in the local punk scene. Another thing that made this show special was that we had a special guest drummer, Malik Temple, recruited by our trombonist Sam Steagerman. This allowed Gintas Buinevicius, who usually handles the drumming chores, to move to the "front line" and wail on the electric guitar. Everyone, musicians and audience alike, had a great time hearing some great local, live, original music before rushing home to watch Episode 1 of the final season of the TV show "Game of Thrones"
Special thanks to This Obsession to adding us on to this special bill; to Ruta Spencer for snapping some great photos and Rasa Ramanauskas for pushing the merch! And an extra big Thank You to Malik Temple for making the drive from Kankakee, IL. A true professional!

December 2018 Newsletter

Hello, Fred Heads!

 Dead Freddie closed out 2018 with a Bang!

 Dead Freddie Returns to QUE4 Radio's Flabby Hoffman's Radio Extravogonzo

 On Dec. 1, Gintas and Donatas along with photographer Joe Nagle returned to the madness that is the Flabby Hoffman Radio Extravogonzo. Needless to say, Flabby was in fine form, entertaining us as much as we entertained him and his staff. We put them to work playing percussion instruments (sleigh bells, pogocello and wood blocks) on our first song "Princess Pilot", We then taught the group how to laugh in Lithuanian during the song "Kaip Gražu Miske" (by Vytautas Kernagis). And our Warholian fifteen minutes of fame evaporated once again.

Dead Freddie Debuts on RealPunkRadio!

Dead Freddie made their radio debut on the Internet Radio Show "Tommy Unit Live" originating in Brooklyn, NY on 12/5/18. Tommy chose one of our most-punk songs (of course) to play, i.e., "Cliché". Gintas and Dead Freddie publicist Radio Ruta Spencer actively participated in the on-line live chat room, giving Tommy an even better idea of what Dead Freddie is all about!
How cool is that? We will need to revisit Tommy frequently!

Birthday Party for Gintas Buinevicius!

Our multi-instrumentalist and creative engine celebrated his birthday with over fifty friends at Joe's Tavern in Brookfield on December 7th.
Dead Freddie, with Gintas on acoustic guitar, Steve Foley on Bass and former Dead Freddie Bassist, Nick DuBois improvising on drums,entertained his guests with a handful of songs, followed by Sgt. Sauerkraut's Polka band, Steve & Linda Wroczynski (who performed two of Gintas's compositions beautifully) plus elements of Wiresky, Time Bandits, The Ralleys as well as musicians from the annual Fest for Beatles. Thank You to Radio RutaSpencerand Danny Donuts Raudonis and the rest that made it a spectacularly fun night not just for the guest of honor, but for all that gathered to celebrate!!

 Dead Freddie Acoustic Duo at House Pub

Dead Freddie Acoustic Duo Gintas and Donatas made their venue debut at the House Pub in St. Charles, IL. Always a draw for interesting and diverse musical talent, this audience had never encountered the Dead Freddie vibe. Thanks to DF Publicist Radio Ruta Spencer for acting as photographer/videographer/microphone holder. And a special shout-out to Greg Nawrocki of the South Side Exiles for coming out to support. Perhaps a Dead Freddie/South Side Exiles show at House Pub in 2019? Stay tuned... exiles

Chicago's Punk Pop Phenomena at The Outtaspace

Dead Freddie was full-force at their venue debut at The Outtaspace in Berwyn, IL on Dec. 28, 2018. We were the opening act for Royal Son of a Guns and closers South Side Exiles. Friends from near and far came out to support all three groups. Starting with Punk Pop, then moving to Psychobilly and finishing with straight-up, hook-laden original rock, it was a great combination of genres. These three bands will definitely need to do this again! Thanks to DF Publicist Radio Ruta Spencer for handling the merch table and shooting some photos and video, and to Jonas Grigola for posting some excellent videos of our performance. And finally, thanks to Aaron Mitchell, proprietor, for supporting live music and the arts in beautiful Berwyn, IL!


Hello, Friends!

We could say that we have been just soooo busy rehearsing, playing shows and doing radio appearances that we have had a hard time coming out with our second are some 2017 highlights!

Dead Freddie started 2017 with a new guitarist, Joe Wood, in the line-up, debuting at a Mardi Gras fundraiser in early February. Let's just say he passed the audition with flying colors!

The group did an in-store appearance at Val's Halla Records (Oak Park, IL) in early March. We were honored (and just a little nervous) by the attendance of Mimi Betinis of Pezband. Thank You Val for hosting! 

We made our first appearance at Reggie's (Chicago, IL) in late March. Thanks to Elle Quintana (talent booker) for getting us on the same bill as seminal San Francisco Punk group The Dickies! A real rush playing in front of a full house of punk afficionados and rubbing elbows with punk legends!

Dead Freddie had their song "Mary's Waiting" played on 3/17 on the "Goldie's Garage" radio show by host Genya Ravan, a program on SiriusXM Satellite radio station Little Steven's Underground Garage. How cool is that? This song is also to be included on Goldie's year-end compilation!

We had great fun participating in our first Record Store Day event, back at Val's Halla Records, in mid-April. The catch was that bands had to play cover songs, something we rarely do. We challenged ourselves playing a powerful set of David Bowie tunes!

Ronnie Lotzz, owner of Cigars & Stripes (Berwyn, IL) gave Dead Freddie a shot at playing a Friday night show in late April. Very cozy confines, many regular patrons and a traveling contingent of Dead Freddie supporters made for an excellent debut at this famous venue!

Radio time! Dead Freddie on WXAV Chicago, with host Radio Ruta Spencer's program "Alternative Sounds for Your Head" on May 10th. We had fun playing some acoustic versions of DF tunes with interesting between-song banter. Thanks Ruta!

Dead Freddie checked in with the Richard "Flabby" Hoffman Radio Extravogonzo on QUE4 Radio Chicago on May 6th. Always whacky, always fun-Thanks Flabby!

Dead Freddie acoustic trio were on the radio at WLUW Chicago with Di Kulka, host of the Razor & Die show on June 9th. We had an opportunity to play a few songs and talk music in general with the always-bubbly Di. Thanks for having us on the air!

The Dead Freddie acoustic trio traveled to the home of 103.9 The Fox in Crystal Lake, IL on June 27th. Aldis Snow is host of the weekly program "The Garage", which features local, unsigned bands. He loved our stuff and we had a great time talking about our music. Thanks Aldis!

It's always fun to play the Underground Lounge in Chicago. We teamed up with a couple other bands on June 3rd and rocked the house, introducing a new song for our loyal fans who made it to the show!

We had a great time playing our first performance at Phyllis' Musical Inn on August 4th as part of long-time Dead Freddie supporter (and occasional photographer) Joe Nagle's photo exhibition.


Dead Freddie teamed up with Kicked by a Hand (Regina Ramanauskas) and Geneva's own North of Center for a rare triple bill at EvenFlow Music & Spirits. Great turn-out and crowd enthusiasm-that really makes it fun!

Dead Freddie was invited back to Cigars & Stripes on Oct 25th to perform at the annual Freaktoberfest event. Where else would the "warm-up" act be Kim Chee the Fire Dancer? Excellent crowd, beer and food. Thanks Ronnie Lotzz!

Session1 at Sonic Palace (Oak Park, IL). Recording 6-8 new songs for Dead Freddie's second EP with Matt Mercado (of Mind Bomb fame) on November 18th.

Session 2 at Sonic Palace. None other than Max Crawford (Poi Dog Pondering) added his horns to a couple of tracks. A real pro! Also, the scoreboard keeper at Wrigley Field! Looking forward to Session 3 in early January 2018, when we plan on finishing the remaining songs for our second EP (or will it be an LP???) Stay tuned and follow at

June 2018 Newsletter

Dead Freddie Pressing Vinyl LP at Third Man Pressing-Detroit!

The recording, after nearly six months at Sonic Palace, is done. Mastering by Trevor Sadler at Mastermind-complete. Mastered tracks now at Third Man Pressing (of White Stripes' Jack White fame) in Detroit to press our first 12-track LP, self-titled "Dead Freddie". We are looking at a late-September drop, so stay tuned!

Dead Freddie back at Cigars & Stripes

Dead Freddie returned to Cigars & Stripes in Beautiful Berwyn, IL on June 1, 2018. It was great to see a core of our faithful in the audience joined by some new believers from the regular C&S crowd. Plus, a few of those who attended made it a point to tell us that they had heard/read about us and just had to come see the real deal! Special thanks to our merch team Aušrinę and Rūtą and also to our good friend and venue owner Ronnie Lottz!

Gintas & Donatas of Dead Freddie Acoustic Duo visit Barb Wire Summer Bash

Gintas & Donatas were in attendance at one of the fabled music-bash parties on June 23rd at the home of Barb Dahl Olsen and Mike Croschere in Hillside, IL. In spite of Donatas being chased down the street by one of Hillside's finest, everyone had a blast at this confluence of Dead Freddie, Wiresky and Sgt. Sauerkraut musical ensembles. All who wished to perform were able to do so, including a short acoustic set by the Dead Freddie duo, with "a little help from our friends".

Dead Freddie venue debut at Debonair Social Club

Dead Freddie made their venue debut at Debonair Social Club at the epicenter of hipsterville, Wicker Park, in Chicago on June 29, 2018. Thanks to the fine negotiation skills of guitarist Joe Wood, Dig Engine, Discoveries of the American Scientific and Dead Freddie put on a hot show on a hot summer night in this beautiful club. It was great to meet Dig Engine and always a pleasure to team up with Joe Wood's other musical project (D.O.T.A.S.) Thanks much to all who feared not the heat nor impossible parking to come out to support live music!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July and enjoy your summer. Keep your eyes and ears open for more Dead Freddie!